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Packing instructions

Each package must be prepared properly for its journey. Cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and fillers are the basic methods of protecting the items we are asked to deliver. All the items placed in a package should be secured in place to prevent them from moving loosely in the package. Take special care when packing fragile or delicate items. For these, you might consider using more than one protection method: double boxing, bubble wrap or fabric strips.


Departure dates

Our vehicles from Poland to Ireland and from Ireland to Poland leave once a week, every Friday. All shipments for delivery are collected immediately before departure by our drivers or sub-contractors. The longest time we need to deliver your parcel is seven business days from the date of collection. However, if collect your parcel from Poland on a Thursday or Friday, we may need more time. Check the date of our next departure.


Loyalty scheme

Our regular customers can enjoy an attractive loyalty scheme. For each euro or pound you spend with us, we will give you one point, which is worth 4 eurocents or 4 pence, respectively. On top of that, we will give you 50 points a person you have recommended us to pays for his or her order with us and adds an opinion on our website. You will then be able to exchange your points for discounts whenever you order our services. For example, you have collected 500 points, we can reduce your bill by EUR 20 or GBP 20. This scheme is available to registered customers only.


Courier Services Poland Ireland Poland

Our courier services are the ideal choice if you wish to send a parcel internationally. The size of your shipment does not matter. We accept both standard parcels and oversized packages for delivery. We have already been trusteed by thousands of customers! Choose us to deliver your parcels safely to Ireland or Poland.

Reliability at a low cost

We are certain that you are one of the people who do not like paying too much for anything. Do you expect quality services? You’ve found the right place! We offer top quality delivery services at reasonable prices.

You wouldn’t like your parcel to be damaged in transit, would you? Good! SpeedPack is a team of well-trained couriers. All of them handle each parcel with care and precision. Choose us and you can be sure that your parcel will reach its destination safe and sound. You are welcome to visit our website for useful packing instructions. We have prepared them to help you prepare your items for shipping properly.

Do you think other courier companies charge too much? Choose us. We don’t. We will deliver your parcels to Poland or Ireland at the lowest cost! This is guaranteed! For us, it does not matter whether your parcel is small or large. We will always offer you a price no other courier company will beat.

Have everything under control!

SpeedPack is more than shipping a parcel by courier. You can also track your shipment on its way to the destination. You can track your shipment at any time during the delivery process. You can check the location of your shipment as soon as it is collected for delivery. Choose our services today and check when your shipment will be delivered.

Become our regular customer

Our regular customers can enjoy an attractive loyalty scheme. The more often you use our services, the more benefits you get! Recommend us and remember to add your opinion on our website. This will earn you extra points in the scheme.


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