Items we do not deliver

Items we do not deliver in standard or oversized packages

Please note that there are certain categories of items that we do not accept for delivery in either standard or oversized packages. This policy is based on postal service regulations, EU law, our own rules and regulations, as well as many years of experience of providing courier and transport services.

For your convenience, below is a list of the items we will not accept for delivery in standard or oversized packages.

  • Automotive parts: bumpers, windscreens or other automotive glass, doors, hatches or any other large body parts;
  • Human remains and/or ashes;
  • Animals (alive), including fish, birds, as well as fur coats and/or ivory;
  • Precious metals, coins, banknotes, negotiable bearer documents, precious stones;
  • Jewellery, watches or items made of noble metals;
  • Illicit goods;
  • Antiques, works of art;
  • Sculptures made of gypsum, porcelain, brass;
  • Excise bands and customs duty stickers;
  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Cigarettes;
  • Hazardous goods;
  • Complete firearms, ammunition or explosives;
  • Parts of firearms;
  • Imitation or replica firearms, explosive items or ammunition;
  • Pneumatic weapons, air guns or air rifles;
  • Perishable goods or goods that must be carried under special conditions;
  • Other items whose properties may pose a threat to the health of people exposed to them or that may damage or destroy any other items carried together with them;
  • Electronics such as televisions, desktop computers, laptops (Please use our dedicated website for order deliveries of electronics);
  • Glass, porcelain, porcelite or any fragile items with similar properties;
  • Shower trays, bathtubs, lavatories, washbasins, shower cubicles or enclosures etc.;
  • Heaters of any type;
  • Windows, glass panes, windowsills;
  • Fences, gates (including pedestrian gates);
  • Upholstered furniture and furniture packs (Please use our dedicated website for order deliveries of such items);
  • Paintings of any type (paintings are accepted for delivery only as part of removals);
  • Liquids of any type (no exceptions apply) that may spill over and damage other items in the same vehicle;
  • Crisps, popcorn, baguette etc. boxes, as they are too thin and delicate to be carried by couriers.

In some countries, the lists of excluded or restricted items may be longer and/or includes items not listed above. It is the sender’s responsibility to ensure compliance with government regulations and, generally, the laws and regulations of the country concerned

You are advised to check what items are import banned in the country of destination before you place an order with us.

Speedpack and its sub-contractors reserve(s) the right to refuse to carry, or to discontinue the carriage of, any package without exact contact details of the sender and the recipient; items we regard as undeliverable; items not appropriately described, marked, labelled, classified or packed as required for transport, or items not accompanied by the required documents.

Speedpack will not carryany items prohibited by law or federal, state or local regulations in either the shipping country or the country of destination; items whose carriage might violate any export, import or other regulations, items that may be dangerous to our personnel, agents, subcontractors or vehicles; items that we think may soil, stain or otherwise make damage any other items; or items whose carriage is not economically or operationally reasonable.

If you are not sure whether your package contains any prohibited items, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.