Removals by size

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Since Poland became a member of the European Union, more and more Polish nationals have been moving abroad. SpeedPack’s response is a range of courier removal services. We are prepared to move your furniture and other household equipment, as well as assist you with store or office relocation, or we can even move all your business property to a new location. Although we specialise in transport services between Poland and Ireland (and the other round), we can offer removal services in all of the European Union.

International removals

We offer two options of removal services: by weight and by size. The ‘by size’ option applies to furniture, electronic equipment, kitchen appliances and all other items that should not be packed and carried in standard boxes because of the risk to damage.

If you a large number of items to carry, we may carry them in a delivery van with 21, 14 or 7 CBM of cargo space.

What is more, if you have packed your items in boxes yourself, we will calculate the cost of the service by the kilo.

We offer house, flat, store, office and business property relocation services. We offer removals in all parts of Europe, but it may happen we will not be able to help you immediately. Therefore, please contact us in advance to discuss your requirements so that we can make you the best offer.

Our experience is a guarantee of professional service.

SpeedPack has many years of experience in providing transport services. We have done hundreds of journeys to locations in European countries and so our services are the ideal choice for your delivery needs. We will pick up your shipment and deliver it to its destination safely and by the agreed date.