Piggy bank

Piggy Bank Program – www.speedpack.com.pl

Thank You for Using Our Services!

Loyalty Program Overview:

  • Objective: To offer attractive discounts to our loyal customers.
  • How It Works: For every €1 spent, 5 euro cents are saved in the “piggy bank,” which can be used for future orders.

How to Earn Points:

  1. Using Our Services:
    • Account Registration: Receive a one-time €10 as a good start upon registering.
    • Spending: For every €1 spent, earn 5 euro cents.
  2. Recommending Our Service:
    • Earn €2.5 when your referred friends register, place an order, and it’s accounted for and paid.

Using Collected Funds:

  • Funds can be used for standard package transport, effectively allowing free shipment.
  • Full order value must be covered by the piggy bank funds.

Piggy Bank Program Regulations:

  • Organizer: www.speedpack.com.pl.
  • Eligibility: Only for orders placed via the Internet.
  • Account Credit: Funds credited post order payment accounting.
  • Registration Requirement: Must be registered and logged in to earn and use funds.
  • Conversion Rate: €1 spent = 5 euro cents in Piggy Bank.
  • Funds Utilization: Exchangeable at order placement, account balance visible post-login.
  • Exclusions: Not available for corporate accounts and companies.
  • Full Value Coverage: Funds must cover 100% of the order value.
  • Minimum Exchange Amount: Minimum €25 accumulated for discount eligibility.
  • Price Changes: Service prices may change during the promotional campaign.
  • Service Right: www.speedpack.com.pl reserves the right to refuse order fulfillment in special cases.

Thank You for Participating!

  • We are happy to provide additional information and wish you successful use of our services at www.speedpack.com.pl.