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In the “Piggy Bank” loyalty program, you will earn points for:

  • every order (excluding individual valuations)
  • recommending our service – €2.5 for each referral

Additionally, by registering, you receive:

  • €10 to use on subsequent orders
  • order history
  • automatic invoicing
  • address book
  • access to promotions for registered users only

As a thank you for using our services, we have created a loyalty program that gives customers the opportunity to take advantage of attractive discounts.

How Does It Work? Very Simple!

By using our services, you receive small funds for every €1 spent, which can be used to pay for future orders.

How Can You Receive Funds?

There are 3 ways:

  1. Initial Bonus: You receive €10 immediately after registering an account (one-time).
  2. Using Our Services:
    • For every €1 spent with us, 5 euro cents are saved in the piggy bank (except for individually valued orders).
    • For example, spending €500 means €25 saved in the Piggy Bank, which can be used to pay for a package worth €25.
    • Please remember that points must cover the full price of the service – only then can they be used.
    • You cannot pay part of the price with points and part with money. 🙂
  3. Recommending Our Service:
    • You recommend our service among your acquaintances.
    • Acquaintances whom you refer to our service, upon registering, can provide your email address as the referrer (the referrer must have a previously registered account with us).
    • In return, you will receive €2.5 from us for the first order placed and paid for by the acquaintances to whom our service was recommended (it is also obligatory for the acquaintances to create a new account before placing an order).

Register and start saving!