Oversized parcels

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Do you need to send an oversized parcel, i.e. one that is heavier than 50 kg and larger than 300 cm in circumference?

If yes,  our ‘oversized parcel’ service is the solution! Please remember to pack your items properly before they are collected!

Collection, carriage, delivery

  1. We carry oversized parcels specifically between Poland and Ireland (and Ireland and Poland).
  2. Such parcels are dispatched once a week (every Friday) and collected from customers between Tuesday and Thursday, between 8 AM and 6 PM in Poland and between 8 AM and 10 PM in Ireland.
  3. Parcels in Poland are collected by our own drivers or our sub-contractors. In Ireland, collections are handled directly by us.
  4. No specific time or time period can be arranged for collection
  5. SpeedPack undertakes to deliver your parcel not later than within 7 days from the date of shipping.
  6. For departure dates, please visit our website (link).
  7. If a shipment declared as a standard parcel is heavier than 50 kg or larger than 300 cm in circumference, it will automatically be classified as a non-standard parcel, and the cost of delivery will be calculated as for oversized parcels.

Shipping rules

  1. Each parcel should be packed properly and protected for its journey. The courier may refuse to accept your parcel for delivery if the parcel is not packed or protected as required. The courier’s decision to accept a parcel for delivery should not be deemed as his confirmation that the parcel is protected as required.
  2. Any electronic equipment may be shipped only in its original packaging. Otherwise, such equipment can be shipped at the customer’s risk only.
  3. No glass, porcelain or china items are covered by insurance.
  4. SpeedPack will not accept any parcel containing items prohibited by law, including any illicit substances or excise goods.

Prices and payments

  1. The cost of delivery a standard parcel is calculated using the following formula, based on the weight and dimensions of the parcel.
  2. Parcels are weighed at the sender’s premises (Ireland) or at the place of receipt (Poland). The cost of delivery is based on the higher of the actual weight or the dimensional weight.
  3. A parcel that is larger than 200 cm in length is classified as a “long parcel”, in which case an additional charge of 50% of the standard rate applies.
  4. Payments for delivery are accepted by bank transfer, PapPal or in cash (cash is accepted only in Ireland).
length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) = dimensional weight (kg)

Why SpeedPack Courier Services?

SpeedPack specialises in the delivery of parcels by dimensional weight and removals, and our experience in this area is considerable. Our couriers have the necessary qualifications and skills to deliver oversized parcels containing fragile or valuable items, where special care and protection are required. Each parcel is covered by insurance for up to EUR 300 and delivered within 7 days, with a door-to-door guarantee.